Soundproof Sleeping Pod: Does It Really Work?

There are a lot of people around the world who struggle to sleep at night. Some may be due to noise while others it may be a problem of their own even if the environment is peaceful.

The worst thing is living in an apartment where your neighbors can get on your nerves either by playing loud music or couples having a quarrel every night.

Such an environment can deny an individual opportunity even to have a nap, and this can result in extreme tiredness as well as being unhappy the next day at the place of work.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anybody who sleeps less than seven hours is likely to invite lots of problems in their life.

Some of these problems are mental distress, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and stroke. If you ever find yourself sleeping less than the recommended period, then it is wise to think of a permanent solution.

Many people opt to report the matter to the local authorities and others to the landlord. But for sure these methods don’t work at all.

I have taken a couple of weeks to test if soundproof sleeping pod actually work in such scenarios and here is what I found out:

Do Soundproof Pods Really Work

Are you tired of the noise from your neighbours? Well, you need to think about how to curb the situation without causing conflict.

What if I tell you to try a soundproof sleeping pod? Well, this is something I know many of you have seen it in a movie. But it is quite effective in soundproofing.

The canopy of the soundproof sleeping pod help to create a relaxing and cozy comfort that helps to foster sound sleep in case you stay in a noisy environment.

These devices are fitted with heat, light and soundproof material that offer maximum protection from noise. However, there are plenty of these products in the market but they are proven to be quite effective when it comes to soundproofing.

But that’s not all. Soundproofing pods are fitted with heated water mattress which always stays at normal body temperature. Besides that, it has programmed soothing music and light to enhance a deeper state of relaxation.

If you stay in a filthy environment full of noise, then consider a soundproof sleeping pod since it will help to reduce the stress, anxiety, depression, tension and mental fatigue triggered by noise.

So, Are There Cheaper Soundproof Sleeping Pod Alternatives?

Many people hate noise but they tend to find it inevitable. Most of the soundproof sleeping devices are quite expensive.

The desire to attain total relaxation after having a tough day has triggered many people to opt for less expensive soundproof sleeping pods alternatives.

These sleeping capsule alternatives have enabled many of them to withstand the noise emanating from their nuisance neighbors.

There are plenty of soundproof sleeping capsules in the market and they have been proven to be as effective as soundproof sleeping pods.

These devices will give you the ultimate peace that you deserve after having a tough time at the work station. Let’s find out more about them now:

1. Try a Canopy Bed with Heavy Drapes

Canopy beds are proven to be the best alternatives to soundproof sleeping pods. These are unique beds constructed with metal frames.

Also, they come with four-post rods that are fixed on each corner of the bed, and they tend to have a height of about four feet from the mattress.

I recommend Joyreap 4 Corners Post Canopy Bed Curtain [See current price on Amazon]

So, you will be required to hang moving curtains or blankets around the four corners of the bed. These curtains will help to absorb high-frequency sounds.

Unfortunately, these heavy-duty drapes will not be able to absorb low-frequency sounds that can penetrate through walls.

2. Install Acoustic Foam in Your Room

Acoustic foams are termed as one of the most affordable methods of soundproofing your home. They occur in different forms, and these foams are typically epic in blocking high-frequency sounds from reaching your home.

Two-inch medium density foam is one of the most reputable acoustic foam that offers maximum soundproofing effect. However, the soundproof product won’t be ideal in case of loud bass music.


Bass music tends to produce low-frequency sounds which are generally challenging to block. This is an indication that you will need more mass density.

You can use thick plywood and drywall, which are proven to be effective in blocking any sound from reaching inside your house.

3. Get Rid of All the Gaps

The doors, windows, and walls are highly susceptible to cracks or gaps which allow entry of unwanted sound, especially at night.

The best way to deal with gaps and cracks is to seal them by the use of green glue sealant before thinking of adding any drywall. Sometimes spotting these gaps and cracks can be tricky, especially if they are tiny.

You will be expected to switch off the lights and request someone to hold a light view on the other end. With proper observation and inspection of your room, it will be quite easy to identify the gaps and the cracks in the long run.

If you happen to spot gaps around the windows, I recommend you try weatherstripping tap. The tap is an excellent insulant sealant for tiny holes on the doors as well.

Also, the gap between the door and the floor tends to allow entry of the noise. The use of the door draft stopper is excellent since it is proven to be effective in sealing the gaps between the floor and the door.

4. Install Soundproof Curtains on the Windows

Another proven alternative for the soundproof sleeping pod is the installation of soundproof curtains in your room. You should note that these soundproof curtains won’t completely block the noise and sound entering your room.

However, they are designed to absorb a certain amount of echoes and noise in your room, especially if the windows are the primary source of entry.

Therefore, you’ll be required to use other combination methods of curbing noise to achieve total noise reduction in your house.

The best thing about soundproof curtains is that they can absorb echoes and sounds both from inside and outside your room. There are quite a good number of soundproof curtains in the market, and it is now upon you to choose one a try to soundproof your home.

5. Fit Heavy Moving Blankets on the Walls

Installation of heavy moving blankets in your room will ultimately help to decrease the amount of noise entering your room.

This is considered to be among the cheapest alternatives of soundproof sleeping pods, and they are quite easy to install.

These moving blankets are made from materials that are used to protect furniture from damages, and this implies that they are quite useful due to the density.

The thick sound absorbing material can reduce about 45 percent of noise. One person cannot do the installation since they are quite heavy to hold and simultaneously fix them alone.

The best thing to do is hanging them on the walls majorly to prevent impact and air transmitted sounds. They tend to work like soundproof curtains in one way.

6. Check on the Arrangement of Furniture in the room

This is the most straightforward hack you can try to curb noise inside your house and mind you; it is cost-free. Rearranging the current position of your furniture in the house is quite beneficial when it comes to absorbing sounds.

It is advisable to move closets and wardrobes next to the wall of your neighbor where noise is emanating from. This will correctly help reduce the impact and airborne sounds.

Therefore, you can survey the design of your room and check how you can rearrange the furniture to combat unwanted sound.

 Non-recommended Soundproof Sleeping Pods Ideas

The use of earphones and earplugs. These instruments help to block the noise from causing discomfort while sleeping altogether.

However, the use of these devices will make it difficult even to hear the alarm or anything like alerts in case of a fire outbreak in the apartment.

In case you’re going to use earplugs or earphones while sleeping, it is advisable to inform your friend or family member to wake you up in case of anything.

Sometimes, the overuse of earphones while playing soothing music can cause ear problems like partial hearing loss. This can add the extra cost of treating them again.

Final Thoughts

Noise can deny you an opportunity to enjoy life and have a sound sleep at the comfort of your room. Soundproofed sleeping pods are proven to be effective in noise reduction, but they are quite expensive.

However, if you have no issue with finance, then they are the perfect device for you. Alternatively, people operating on a tight budget should consider other available options.

Soundproofing your house is quite affordable, but it tends not to be useful as soundproof sleeping pods. However, it will help to reduce a certain percentage of noise up to a certain level.

I would like to wish you all the best in the journey of soundproofing. I hope the article was helpful as far as how to soundproof sleeping pod works and the information about the available alternatives. Good Luck!


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