Best Noise Cancelling Curtains 2020 [Great for Sound Dampening]

Noise can disrupt your sleep or work especially if you live in a busy neighborhood. You should probably consider buying the noise canceling curtains.

Noise dampening curtains tend to look just like ordinary curtains, but they are made of heavy fabric materials with insulations that block noise in and out of your home.

Some of these curtains are as well made with heavy materials that prevent light from entering your home or office.

I am a very restless sleeper, and I live in a bustling and noisy neighborhood. The noise coming from the streets and neighbors dogs, cats and children crying are almost unbearable.

Most time I would give up sleeping and would try reading books, but that too was impossible. I have considered moving to a more quiet neighborhood but I love my apartment and moving is out of the question.

I finally made a decision to find an alternative, and I began my journey of finding solutions online. I settled on getting noise reducing curtains. However, this journey was not yet over.

Some of the curtains I bought did not work as expected. After much trial and error, I managed to get the perfect curtain for my needs. I have decided to give a review of the best noise reducing curtains I found to save you time and stressful trial and error journey.

Soundproof Curtains Comparison Chart

Drape Name WeightPrice
Yokamok 2 layer thick Noise Reducing
6.45 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
Nice Town Thermal Insulated Noise
Reducing Curtains
4.96 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
Sideli Solid Rod Heavy Velvet Noise
Cancelling Curtains
2.15 poundsSee Real User Reviews on Amazon
Deconovo Blackout and soundproofing
3.6 poundsSee Image on Amazon
Warm Home Design Thermal Blackout Curtains2 poundsSee Image on Amazon

What to Consider Before Purchasing Noise Reducing Curtains

1. Size

Buying noise canceling curtains is different from buying regular curtains. Noise-canceling curtains should be bigger and longer to ensure effective soundproofing.

You will need to consider the area you want to soundproof and take its measurements. When buying your preferred curtain, you should always buy two or thrice broader and longer. If need be, you can also get curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor ensuring maximum efficiency.

2. How much does the Curtain Weigh

When buying a sound canceling curtain, it is advisable to get the heaviest you can find. The heavier the curtain, the more effective it is when it comes to noise dampening.

The heavier curtain has excess fiber making it absorb noise easily. Depending on the amount of noise you are trying to insulate, you can buy additional curtain until you acquire the desired effect.

3. The Material Used to Make the Sound absorbing Curtain

When buying noise canceling curtains, the material is the best bet to attaining the best results. You should be on the lookout for the curtains made of suede, velvet, polyester, and cotton duck fabric.

You should feel free to choose any of these materials depending on your preference. There are also curtains made of insulated thermal weave or thermal layer for advanced sound cancellation purposes.

You can also look for soundproofing curtains with blackout liners, curtain liners or window liners. Keeping in mind that the more layers you have, the better, the extra layer of liners will be of much help at reducing the noise.

4. The Curtain Rods Required

If you decide to buy a noise reducing curtain, you will also need to consider your curtain rods. Noise deadening curtains are generally meant to be heavier than your usual curtain; therefore if your curtains are weak, you will need to buy new ones. If you are sure that your curtains are strong you will not need to buy new ones.

The wrap around the rod is a good option since they are durable and easy to install. They attach to the wall at a curve making them convenient when it comes to noise reduction. They will eliminate all the edges and gaps that will allow sound to penetrate.

If you need to double your layer of the noise reducing curtains, you should use double rods for additional support.

You can also choose to install ceiling- mount brackets that will help you hang your curtains from the ceiling to the floor. When using these, you should ensure the curtains are close to the window to reduce the space in between therefore enhancing noise insulation.

5. Available Colors

Although the color is less important in terms of the quality of the curtain, it should not be left out. You will need to get the colors that complement the interior décor of your home.

You will not want to get colors that do not ooze warmth. In this regard, you will want to look at the products with a good color selection

6. The Installation Process

As we have mentioned, you will need heavy curtains to enable adequate soundproofing. Buying curtains that are easy to install will come in handy regarding the weight.

You do not want to buy your curtains and get disappointed when you face difficulty with installation.

7. The Cleaning and Maintainance of the Drapes

It is essential to consider the ability to clean your curtains since they will be massive. Furthermore, some curtains are difficult to clean.

You will need to find a curtain that is easy and capable of washing. At some point, your curtains will get dirty and dusty curtains are not desirable.

8. Existing Reviews Regarding the Noise Reduction Curtains

You should also go through the customer’s reviews from where you are buying the curtains. Their reports will give you free and unbiased views about the curtains. This is truthful information from a person with first-hand experience with the curtains.

Noise Cancelling Curtains Reviews

Yakamok 2 Layer Thick Soundproof Curtains

These curtains are favorable for both the kitchen and bedrooms. They are made up of 2 layers of a high- quality polyester. The thick layer provides complete blackout and sound insulation.

It has a black liner is however explicitly made for light blackout and noise insulation.

They come in solid colors and quality materials. They will provide you with a selection of 8 different colors which is not diverse enough but can still fit in with your interior décor.

They are also thermally insulated which enables you to balance temperatures keeping your winters warm and summers cool hence making your stay at home comfortable.

These curtains can either be had or machine washed with warm iron preferred. Users complain that they wrinkle after washing but goes away after a few weeks or upon ironing

NiceTown Thermal Noise Reducing Curtains

These noise dampening curtains by NiceTown are made of 100 % polyester which is an excellent insulation material. They are easy to install thanks to the design of Silvery grommet of 1.6 inches diameter.

This creates a casual yet elegant look in your house. They come in 16 different colors.

These curtains come with the added advantage of a black liner that keeps out sunlight. They will come in handy if you ever want to experience the peace of your home of home without the intense light during the day.

They are also very heavy therefore making them form a thick drape making a window completely closed hence insulating noise.

However, these curtains are not for you if you are a color person due to the black insulation feature that will give you a 100 % blackout. This might not be appealing to you.

Deconovo Blackout Sound dampening Drapes

These curtains are made of high-quality Polyester and solid pattern. They come in one large singular curtain minimizing the passivity of sound.

They are one of the best curtains for your soundproofing needs. They are suitable for sliding glass door or patio.

Deconovo curtains will make your home more comfortable by keeping your rooms cool during summers and warm during winters.

They also keep the lights out hence energy and money saving. The curtains are made up of 16 grommets which are antirust thus increasing durability. The Decon are washable with a washing machine and iron under low heat

. This enables you to wash them whenever they get dirty hence promoting hygiene and also come in different colors with the darkest of the colors best suited for light insulation.

Deconovo curtains are stylish enough, therefore, blend easily with your interior design. They are a great buy; however, users have complained that they are only able to block out noise and light at an average of 93 % which is reasonable.

H. Versailtex Ultra Wider Curtains

These sound deadening curtains come as a single panel in the package ensuring maximum soundproofing. Their ability to absorb sound makes them desirable.

They are made of faux linen making it easy to install since they slide smoothly. If you are looking for a great experience with the soundproofing features, they are heavy and large making them suitable for sound dampening.

The large sizes make them fit perfectly on your window blocking away light effectively.

They are thermally insulated texture will make them energy efficient and very comfortable They are machine washable and can be ironed under low heat. Also, they come with an 8-year quality warrant and 3o day money return warranty.

You get back your money if you find them unfit within 30 days and a replacement if they tear out of natural courses within 8 years. This is the best way to get value for your money. They also come with a variety of colors allowing you to choose the one that most appeals to you.

Warm Home Designs Thermal Curtains

They are perfect for soundproofing smaller areas such as Kitchens, Dorm rooms or apartment with relatively smaller windows.

When using a single curtain in your area, you get up to 98 percent on light and noise insulation. You can also double them and use them on your patio.

They are referred to as warm because they reflect light making your space warmer. This feature will help you save on money used to heat your room for warmth.

Warm home Design curtains are made of grommets for the thermal effects making them durable.

They provide a choice among 6 colors and are machine washable and ironed on cool iron. Unfortunately, these curtains come in a single package, and you will need to purchase a few to meet all your needs. Also, they are not suitable for larger areas.

Sedeli Solid Rod Noise Cancelling Curtains

As we mentioned, Velvet is an essential material for soundproofing. The velvet material used to make these curtains have multiple layers another function of sound insulation.

The Sideli curtains also help to keep light away from your room if need be for activities such as studying, sleeping or even watching movies. The Sideli curtains have multiple options with color, size, and style.

This makes them the best choice of your interior design needs. With the various options, you are likely to find a curtain that will fit perfectly to your design theme.

These curtains are washable allowing your house to remain within your cleanliness standard. They are suitable for users who do not fancy total blackouts. Other users have complained that they are bit lighter; hence they are not able to block out light and sound completely/. This is noted particularly with the brighter version of the curtains.


Sound dampening curtains are useful when it comes to their noise reduction capability. Other than noise reduction they also enable you to block out lights when you need to.

Soundproofing curtains come with different colors to match your interior design not to mention the temperature balancing property.

However, while buying soundproofing curtains, it is necessary to consider their size, material, color, weight, curtain rods, and installation to ensure you get the best deal in the market.

Yakamok 2 Layer  Noise Reducing Curtains is the best soundproof curtain that meets almost all these criteria. If you found some undesirable characteristic of this curtain, you should consider the others.

Getting the wrong curtain will waste your time, money and efforts. Therefore if the noise is getting unbearable in your environment, these are the best soundproof curtains to consider.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to pick the best curtains that not only will reduce unwanted noises but will also make your home look for elegant and stylish, saving you tons of money and time by going the extra mile to find you the best noise cancelling Drapes in the market.

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