How to keep Sound in a Room

There are various reasons why you might want to stop sound from escaping a room especially if you are leaving in a shared wall environment. Privacy is very important and thin walls and gaps in the windows can allow sounds to escape your room.

Fortunately! there are things you can do to drastically reduce/stop sound from leaving a room, whether you want to listen to your favorite music or simply want some privacy when speaking to someone, This article is for you.

After reading this post you will know for certain things you can do to drastically cut down the noise frequencies and keep sound in a room, without further or do let’s dive in!

The Best Ways to Prevent Sound from Escaping a Room

1.  Seal the Windows with Soundproof Weatherstrips

I am sure you are aware of the gaps that you usually find between the window and the window frame, these gaps allow sound waves to freely pass through, that is why it is so important to weatherstrip the windows.

Luckily, this is a very easy task and straight forward, all you need to do is get a soundproof weatherstrip to measure your windows, cut accordingly then simply attach the weatherstrip which is usually self-adhesive.

2. Install Noise Cancellation Curtains

Another thing you can do help retain the sound inside a room is to hang sound dampening drapes, what makes these drapes really great, is the fact that they are really thick and denser compared to ordinary home curtains, the material used contains sound-absorbing properties which will help absorb some of the sound waves trying to escape a room.

Although there are many soundproofing curtains on the market the ones I recommend are Nicetown thermal noise reducing curtains [See current price on Amazon]

3. Use Acoustic Caulk to Close of Visible Holes

Now, as you know sound really travels far and even the tiniest hole can allow noise to pass through it, that is why it is so essential to manually search for holes on your walls or ceiling(especially the corners) and close them off.

4. Get Bass Traps

Bass traps are designed to absorb low-frequency sound waves,  As you know that low-frequency waves travel far, it is vital to counter that by getting bass taps.  Fortunately, these are affordable and very easy to apply.

You don’t need to use much effort to install bass traps, all you have to do is place one in every corner of your room to help absorb bass noise and prevent the waves from escaping.

5. Soundproof the walls

Now, this is a bit complicated since the walls are already built, however, there are some things that you can do to help keep sound from going through and leaving the place. There are various things you can do but I prefer the following:

1. Build a Room within a Room by Adding an Extra Drywall

The most effective thing you do is to add an extra of drywall then use green glue as a noise-proofing and adhesive, this is not really complicated to do and there are so many tutorials online on how to do exactly that.

One downside about this method is it is a bit costly, however very effective and worth every penny if you don’t have the budget, fear not! I got you covered with method 2 and 3.

2. Get Acoustic Foam Panels

A much cheaper approach is to get acoustic foam panels and attach them on your walls, now, depending on the size of the wall in your room this may be expensive, So I recommend you do some calculations first, but the good thing with this is you don’t have cover the whole place in order to sound dampen the place.

3. Hang Blankets

If you are completely broke, don’t worry hanging blankets will help sound dampen some of the sounds, the golden rule here is to make sure you make the blankets thicker if you want them to be effective.

6. Install a Carpet

Now this is not as important but installing a carpet will soundproof the floor and cut down echoes which usually amplifies sounds, so if you don’t have a carpet installed, It’s time to consider doing that.

7. Soundproof the Door.

Well, this is not as hard as you think, all you have to do is.

  1. Install a soundproof door weatherstripping kit
  2. Add a Door Sweep
  3. Close of any gaps

Last Thoughts

Keeping the sound from leaving a room is certainly complicated and expensive, however with the tips I discussed you should be able to achieve that. Thanks for reading see more soundproofing articles here

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