How to Soundproof a Room in an Apartment [The Efficient Way]

Loud noisy neighbors are a thing,  and it can be unpleasant to come back home after a long day, only to find your apartment neighbors are making a noise which can disturb your peace.

That is why in this article I am going to share with you the best way to soundproof a room in an apartment without breaking the contract rules.

Follow the following steps to soundproof your room in your apartment:

1. Soundproof the Windows

If you live in a busy area then chances are you are a tad bit annoyed with the noises of vehicles and trucks passing by.

Maybe you just want to have a quiet conversation with someone or just want to be in a quiet environment, regardless, noise from a busy road can be annoying and distracting. There are a few things you could do to lower this sound.

soundproofing a window is a must when looking to fully soundproof the room in your apartment

1. Permanently block your window and the view.

You can install Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges on your windows and block the sound both from leaving and entering your room. However, this will block your window entirely and block your view as well. I wouldn’t personally recommend this because it can get you into trouble with your landlord.

2. Use Sound Dampening Curtains

You can also use soundproof curtains. Curtains can be more of a makeshift solution. As you can draw the curtains if you want to reduce the noise. You can use ceiling brackets to hang the curtains which as a result will reduce more noises and soundwaves as it will cover all the surrounding area of your window

3. Install a layer of sound resistant glass

special panes of glass that can be installed inside existing windows to block out road noise. These can match the style and method of opening of your existing windows, so the two work together and look amazing.

So if your windows are double-hung and open top to bottom, or if they crank out to one side, there are soundproof windows that can work with them without taking away from the overall appearance and function. This surely one of the better ways to Sound deaden a Room In An Apartment

2. Soundproof the walls between apartments

There are different methods you can use to soundproof the walls between apartments. If you want to stop the sound from coming from the other side of the wall, the easiest course of action would be to install/place a piece of furniture on that wall.

One of the old hacks that works is placing your bookshelf on the wall as this will reduce the sound from the other side of the wall and also reduce the sound from going out to the other room.

Another affordable way to soundproof your room is to install foams on to your wall as they will absorb the sound inside the room making it soundproof.

This might answer the question of how to soundproof your room in an apartment but it definitely won’t be a pretty one.

Acoustical engineering is the science that focuses on that very process. In rooms such as recording studios or home theatres, acoustical panels can be installed to absorb unwanted sounds from the outside and provide solid soundproofing.

This will not only eliminate sound from leaving and entering, but it will also look better and professional on your wall. with so many colors to choose from you can opt for different colors to match your preference. You can easily apply these with some adhesive.

3. Soundproof the Apartment Floor

To Reduce the sounds and noise between the floors of a home or building, there are appropriate materials to use in between the floor joists and any other spaces between floors.

Floor sound dampening comes in a variety of synthetic materials that are safe and effective. They are designed to be fireproof and resist the development of spores or molds that could create problems down the road.

This soundproofing material is also designed to repel rodents or any other critters that like to makes homes out of spaces in your home.

One common type of floor insulation is mineral wool that provides a greater amount of soundproofing than regular fiberglass insulation.

Even though this might be costly and your landlord might not want to do this if you are renting. But this is a full-proof way to soundproof your whole apartment.

4. Get Rid of the Echoes

Echoes can magnify a smaller sounds and noises into something big, so by reducing the echoes, you will reduce the sounds.

One simple solution is to simply increase the furniture inside that room. more often when the room is empty can create echo if there is no object in between for the sound to bounce off.

Increasing the number of furniture, wall canvas, drapes, curtains, walls, etc will reduce the echo in your room.

5. Sound Dampen the Ceiling

The main problem with soundproofing your ceiling is it can get a bit tricky, if the layer between each floor is inherently thin, then chances are that no matter how expensive the type of soundproofing you might do, it won’t help.

One thing you do is contacting your landlord, if you are renting, and try and get the apartment above you to get some flooring done.

It can be quite expensive, another thing you can do is get your top floor neighbor to get some thick carpeting on their floor, this will likely reduce the noise coming from their floor.

If they don’t accept the offer, there is another way you can reduce the noise. You can get professional help and install insulation on your ceiling, which to be honest can get expensive and be a hassle, especially if you are renting.

Last Words on Soundproofing a Room in an Apartment

living in an apartment makes the process of soundproofing even hard due to the rules and regulations of the things you can and can’t do, however, I hope this guide helped you get the actionable things you can do, to experience much more quietness in your space.

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