Soundproofing a Dishwasher: Easy Ways to Quiet it

Dishwashers are one of those appliances that are a necessity in any household, they great because they save us time while keeping our dishes clean.

It goes without saying that dishwashers can turn out to be loud and noisy at times, however, you can’t just throw it away, right?

luckily, dishwashers can be soundproofed and in this article, I am going to show you exactly how to soundproof it.

Soundproofing a Dishwasher is a Complicated Process

A dishwasher is an electrical appliance and comes with its fair share of limitations. And you have to be very careful while sound dampening it. You would also want to use the best from all the little options. So without further or do, let us learn how to soundproof a dishwasher.

But don’t let that scare you because after following the steps below you will be able to sound dampen your dishwasher without any hassle.

here are the steps to take to soundproof your dishwasher:

1. Remove the door and cover of your dishwasher

The first and foremost thing that you would want to start with is by removing the door or door cover of the dishwasher.

Make sure to turn off the dishwasher’s water source and power source before you start soundproofing. Because your safety always comes first. And it is always better to be safe than sorry.

After switching off the dishwasher the next thing you want to do is take a simple screwdriver and loosen the screws that you will find usually at the bottom of the door panel.

Once you have done that, you can easily remove the front panel of the door. Removing the door panel will open up the inside space and you will see loads of different foam materials inside the dishwasher.

Do not be confused by all this. Because they are pretty useless and won’t help to soundproof, all you have to do is to take the door and the foam out and move on to the next step.

2. Measure the Depth of the Dishwasher

Now that you have taken out the door panel and also the foam inside, the next thing would be to measure out the depth and space inside.

It is important that you use a measuring tape and measure the inside of the dishwasher you want to soundproof. after measuring the depth and the inside move to step 3.

3. Use the Right Material to sound dampen the dishwasher

If you are not very familiar with them, then I would like to let you know that there are many various types of sound-deadening materials available out there.

All different from each other with still one single similarity, and that is being able to block and absorb all sorts of noise and sound.

What is good with this is you can use most sound dampening mats and will work fine but you have to be careful when choosing it, some simply don’t work and will turn out to be a waste of time and money.

What I recommend you go for is sound-absorbing foam panels, vinyl mats or moving blankets.

If you are looking to use Acoustic foam panels, then I recommend that you go for the ADW Acoustic Panels Trapezoid.

These are simple and easy to install soundproofing panels with excellent sound absorption capabilities. With an NRC rating of 0.85, it can absorb all different types of noises and reduce vibrations. and that includes the ones coming out from your dishwasher, they are also affordable as well.

I also recommend Mass Loaded Vinyl They are about 1/8 of an inch thick and have a high-quality STC of 27. Giving it good soundproofing properties.

So now that you have chosen what sort of material you would want to go for, you will need to install them. Be very careful and gentle and insert your insulation or soundproofing material into the front panel.

Make sure that the overall panel of the dishwasher is strongly stuck and does not have any sort of gaps and leaks. Otherwise, all of your efforts will go in vain. Once you have done that. Screw the front panel back in place and that would be it.

4. Add some mass at the back of your Dishwasher

You can use moving blankets or mass loaded vinyl at the back of the dishwasher to improve the overall sound deadening, make sure you don’t close off the plugs and ports.

Last words on Soundproofing your Dishwasher

Although this may seem daunting at first once you start sound dampening your dishwasher you will realize it is not as bad as it looks. I hope this article helped you soundproof you dishwasher.

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