How to Soundproof a Car: Reduce Road Noise Cheap

Owning a car is very convenient and a better way to commute compared to using public transportation that usually adds limitations to your movements.

One problem people often face when driving is Road noises which are not fun to listen to and make your destination feel far than it actually is.

In this article, my aim is to help you soundproof your car and reduce the unwanted road noises once and for all.

Why it is Important that you Soundproof your Car?

The need to soundproof your car is essential, even if you might not be aware of it. loud road noises can distract you from having decent conversations with your loved ones.

Quite frankly a car experiencing road noises also affects the quality of your audio, so sound deadening your car can improve the vehicle’s audio quality and have clear conversations.

The Materials and Equipment You Need

The whole idea of soundproofing is very wide and stretches very far. Be it soundproofing a door or a car. However, My goal is to make it as easy as possible so that you can get a better understanding and easily be able to soundproof your car from road noise.

When sound deadening your car it is very important that you choose the right material because believe me, the material you choose can make or break your vehicle’s overall acoustics.

There are a few sound-deadening materials that I can recommend you use to soundproof your car including, Noico, Dynamat, and Kilmat, however in this article I will be recommending that you use Fatmat simply because it is affordable, reliable and easy to install.

Fatmat is an excellent well-known brand that specializes in making high quality and effective sound dampening mats. They have a very wide range of products available, and out of all of them, the FatMat Self-Adhesive is my ideal choice for car soundproofing.

It is very simple to install. You can do it all by yourself and you won’t be needing any expert help whatsoever. The main reason why it is so easy to use is that you do not have to go through the hassle of gluing it or anything. As it has an adhesive on one side, all you need to do is apply the mat and you are done.

Here is the 3 easy process to soundproof your car:

1. Sound Deadening the Vehicle Doors

If you do a bit of research on how to quiet road noise in a car, the majority of results will suggest you start with sound deadening your doors.

Now, yes soundproofing your doors is very effective. However, it is not that easy of a process. However, if you follow the following steps you will achieve it without breaking a sweat.

soundproofing materials for cars are really scarce and in this case, you will also need to use sound deadening mats.

Even though there are soundproofing acoustic foam panels out there, I would recommend you to not use them because they would just end up adding a lot of weight to the car and eventually ruining the overall driving experience by adding more weight to your vehicle.

to sound dampen there doors follow the following steps

1. Take off the First Layer of the Door with all the screws and bolts

Do not put your mats on them. Even though this procedure is a bit tricky, you can Simply DIY it by watching a few tutorials. However, if you feel that it is not a job for you then you can just take it to a  car workshop and ask them to do it.

2. Measure the car doors.

This will save you a great deal of money because you will know exactly the number of sound deadening mats you need. Otherwise, you will end up buying a lot or even less then what you would need.

3. Cut the mats according to the size of your doors and then just apply them on.

All you have to do is cut your fatmat to the right size then apply it on the doors. With Fatmat, you will be getting a very good alternative to rubber foams.

And after using it you will surely find out that they perform even better than acoustic foams. When you will be using mats in your car, it is very crucial that they are safe to use.

Otherwise, you never know what just might happen anytime. Thankfully, these mats have thermal barrier properties in them. Giving you good precautionary measures.

As we tend to eat and drink at all times in our car, dropping water is something very obvious. And you might be a bit concerned about your soundproof mats. However, with the Fatmat, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Because it is completely waterproof.

2. Soundproof Under your Car Seats

In addition to road-noise, there is one other significant type of noise that is worth discussing as well. I am sure you noticed that most of the noise that ruins the car’s environment actually comes from under the seats.

This is usually caused by immense parts and machines that constantly work together to make your car go forward. Now, the problem is that car manufacturers do not apply their best sound-absorbing materials in order to cover these sounds.

in order to soundproof the base of the vehicle, you can use some other types of mats known as sound deadening mats.

These mats look pretty much like usual mats out there. However, they have capabilities to prevent sound from entering a particular place.

Even though there are a number of different types of mats out there, not every one of them will be very useful or efficient. You will also need to keep in mind whether the mats can be used on cars. Otherwise, there won’t be any point.

3. Soundproofing the car hood

using the same sound deadening material you can sound deaden the car hood to combat some of the noises that come from the engine, all you have to do is simply open the car hood and stick the fatmat sound deadener

4. Change your Tires

Most road noises come from the tires, by changing the tires you will drastically reduce the road noise and improve the overall acoustics in your car.

Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material

As much as our cars might help us to get from point A to point B, it goes without saying that the overall journey would rather be a very bad one if your car is making a lot of noise.

Be it the big engine of your car, or wind noise creeping through the windows. At some point in time, you would very much need to soundproof your car, no matter what you drive.

To help you soundproof your car yourself, I have written this article about the best automotive sound deadening material.

Here are the top sound-deadening materials for your vehicle:

1. Noico Sound Deadener

If you aren’t familiar with it, then I would like to let you know that sound deadening mats are something very widely used to soundproof automobiles.

Even though they can be used for soundproofing rooms, offices and many other areas as well, they are the most effective materials for blocking automotive noise.

There are a number of different types of soundproofing mats out there, but not all of them are good enough. There are various cheap mats and soundproofing materials that can be found online, and even though they just might minimize your cost in the short run, you won’t really be able to get any outcome from them whatsoever.

In the end, it is worth spending a few bucks on something that is worth it and Noico I believe is on the top of the list when it comes to sound deadening mats.


The Noico 80 mil is pretty affordable depending on the amount you will be needing. And if you compare it with some other mats then it is much cheaper and will also provide the same quality.

These mats are really thick, helping a great deal in enhancing insulation. And the thicker the material, the better performance you will get.

Because these mats contain something called butyl, they are very lightweight weighing in around 0.7 lbs/1sqft. When you are installing such materials, the weight will play a significant role, because it would make the overall process of installing the material much easier.

The lower weight will also ensure efficiency and better sound insulation.

Ease of Installation

As I mentioned before, many of us often tend to get scared of the installation process. However, installing these Noico mats is very easy and they also have an indicator to signal you whether it has been installed properly or not.

You will need to roll the embossing on the foil with a roller until it becomes plain and smooth. Once the mats have become plain and smooth you are good to go.

The mats come in handy-sized sheets, so you will feel very flexible using them. You can use these Noico mats to soundproof any area of your car so that automotive noise is eliminated and you get a nice and quiet cabin.

Starting from the engine hood, the trunk, to under the seats. You can almost soundproof every part of your car using this. Before you start the process I would advise you to wear some gloves to ensure the minimum amount of safety.

2. Fatmat Sound Deadening Mat

Now, I would like to talk to you about the FatMat Self-Adhesive RattleTrap Sound Deadener Pack. This is a very different type of soundproofing material in comparison to most of the other ones out there.

And not just by the looks of it or anything, but overall, this is a very differentiated soundproofing material. Coming in eight different sizes and measurements, it goes without saying that you can easily find the best fit for your car.

The reason why I differentiate this from all the other mats out there is that FatMat’s main priority is to block the noise out of cars. The rest of it will all come off as an extra.

These mats have a thickness of around 80 mils and have a heat-resistant aluminum coating. Thanks to this, you won’t be able to hear any wind noise, vibrations, boosts bass or anything whatsoever. You will feel pin drop silence inside your car.

Many complain that installing such mats in your car is pretty hard and all. Well, not with the FatMat it isn’t. Thanks to the installation kit that comes with it, you can easily install everything in a jiffy with the roller and the knife and they contain super stick adhesive as well. It is also very easy to cut and apply.

3. Dynamat Thick Sound Deadener

At times, even when our car is fully soundproofed there will always be some sort of slight creaking noise peaking through the doors or windows.

To make sure you don’t face this and get the full soundproofing experience, you can use something called Dynamat. The unique thing about Dynamat is that they come in many different packs, varying in sizes and use.

So that you do not have problems in choosing it. Nonetheless, no matter what package they might come in. Their functions and usability are pretty much the same.

Cars and automobiles tend to get extremely hot and heated at times. And if you do not have the right type of soundproofing material then you might have some problems.

Nonetheless, Dynamat Xtreme mats are covered with high-quality aluminum so that it can handle high temperatures.

Dynamat themselves say that these mats are the best when used in cars. No matter in which part of the car you are willing to install it.

Be it the interior, trunk, hood or whatever. This Dynamat won’t disappoint. Just follow the given instructions and you won’t have any problem whatsoever in installing it.

4. Uxcell Soundproofing Mat

Mats are one of the many different solutions through which you can soundproof your car. There are a number of other ways as well, one which includes covering areas with foam.

And if we are talking about the best automotive sound deadening material then we surely have to talk about car cell foam.

Those of you who have even the slightest idea about soundproofing will know that when you try to prevent sound entering a room, huge foam panels need to be put on walls.

These foam panels are really thick and tend to absorb all the sounds. However, because of their added thickness and weight, it cannot be used on cars.

Lightweight and Effective

Nonetheless, this is where the uxcell Car Cell Foam comes in handy. It is a very thin foam pad made up of something called Uxcell liner. Now, even though it is not very thick it still works like rubber foam and will keep your cabin noise-free from all the automotive noise.

It is extremely lightweight and is oil and petrol resistant. The main reason why it has such good sound-insulating capabilities is that of the material it is made up of.

No matter what sound in what weather it might be, this will handle all types of noise without dropping a sweat. A major point of why most people do not want to use such foam materials on cars is because these materials cannot take in the heat that is caused by bigger engined cars.

However, this will not be the case if you use uxcell Car Cell Foam, because the liner inside will take care of that. The uxcell Car Cell Foam is not just limited to be used on automobiles.

You can use them for your apartment, room, classroom, factory, as well as in studios. Though I would recommend you using a much thicker foam panel for studio purposes.

Last Words on Car Soundproofing

Soundproofing a car is not as hard as you think, all you need is this article, the right material and your time.

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