How to Soundproof a Car: Reduce Road Noise Cheap

driving a quiet car

Owning a car is very convenient and a better way to commute compared to using public transportation that usually adds limitations to your movements. One problem people often face when driving is Road noises which are not fun to listen to and make your destination feel far than it actually is. In this article, my … Read more

How to Stop Bass Traveling through Walls


Bass can be really fun when partying and having a great time in your vehicle but not so much fun when your noisy neighbors are trying to disrupt your peaceful quiet time in your home with bass. This can be really unpleasant especially when trying to get some sleep or the neighbors are always playing … Read more

How to Soundproof a Window from Traffic Noise

sound dampen a window from traffic noise

One of the most common issues people in today’s world is noise pollution, as the population grows, more and more houses/apartments are built next to busy roads which are often loud and noisy. This can be a really unpleasant problem because the traffic noise can distract our everyday living like sleeping, having conversations with our … Read more