How to Stop Bass Traveling through Walls

Bass can be really fun when partying and having a great time in your vehicle but not so much fun when your noisy neighbors are trying to disrupt your peaceful quiet time in your home with bass.

This can be really unpleasant especially when trying to get some sleep or the neighbors are always playing loud music, Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do, luckily the methods described below are really effective and will cut down some of the irritating bass noise and vibrations.

What is Bass?

Bass is also known as a low-frequency sound that is very subtle but strong due to the pattern they travel in. It is very powerful and since this is a low-frequency sound, it means it can travel really far and cause some vibrations in walls, windows, and doors.

Bass noise is very hard to contain but certain things can certainly sound dampen it.

How to Prevent Bass from Traveling through Walls

There are certain methods you can use to sound dampen the low-frequency sound waves, but it is important that you know that this will not cut down the bass 100% but will definitely quiet down the bass noise, some of the methods include:

1. Installing Bass Traps

Bass traps are just incredible due to what they can do, as the name suggests bass traps are spongey like objects designed to absorb bass and trap it from bouncing around.

Bass traps are really affordable and you don’t need an expert to install them, all you have to do is get 4-8 bass traps and then simply place them in every corner of your walls to help stop bass from the walls.

These will work well especially if you are going to pair them with some of the other methods below for solid soundproofing.

2. Try Acoustic Foam Panels

Another thing you can do on your walls to combat bass noise is to get acoustic foam panels and hang it on your walls, this can be a bit costly but still, a viable method especially if you are not looking for a permanent solution.

What I personally like about acoustic foam panel, is the fact that they are really easy to install and you can remove them whenever you want and it is very rare for them to damage your walls.

3. Add a Layer of Drywall

This is much more advanced but one of the most effective techniques to help keep bass from traveling through your walls.

With this method, all you have to do is get drywalls and green glue (noise-proof sealant), then use the green glue to attach the extra layer of drywall on your walls, this will make it harder for bass to penetrate through your walls.

If unsure about how to use green glue this video should help you gain more understanding of how it works.

4. Use Moving Blankets.

Yes, it is true, moving blankets can help sound deaden unwanted noise, the golden rule here is to create thick layers of blankets by stacking one on top of another.

The problem with using blankets as a solution is the fact that they don’t look really good on your walls, however,  if you are trying to bass-proof a room this can be a really cheap and effective way.


These 4 methods will certainly reduce the impact of bass on your walls, there are other things you can try that will help you further and significantly reduce the bass on your walls.

Sound dampening bass can be really hard and tedious, hopefully this article helped you gain knowledge on the affordable things you can do to lessen the sound.

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