Best Non-Squeaky Bed Frames 2021 (Quietest Bed Frames)

Best Non Squeaky Bed Frames

Noise sucks, especially when it comes from a squeaky bed frame that hinders you from getting a good night’s sleep. Dr. Nilong Viyas, from Sleep Foundation Organization, even goes ahead to state that there’re numerous side effects that come with sleeping in a noisy environment. Medical Practitioners also agree that besides the comfortable mattress, noise-canceling … Read more

Best Rug Pads for Soundproofing Floors in 2021

Best Rug Pads for Soundproofing Floors in 2021

Rug pads are solid flooring underlayments that protect your floor, prevent trip hazards, extend the life of your rug, and provide cushion for optimal comfort.  What many do not know is that beyond the surface functions, the rug pads can also absorb the noise and echoes produced from the movement of the floor.   That means, … Read more

Best Quiet Air Purifier 2021

Best Quiet Air Purifier 2021

Your home is your everything – a center of refuge, meditation studio, resting place, workplace, playground, and dine-in restaurant. It is the one place you spend lots of time in.  But few homeowners realize that cleaning their homes isn’t always about washing and vacuuming. A healthier home is one that has cleaner air. Often, the … Read more

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Wind Noise

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Wind Noise

The noise levels of motorcycles can be as high as 115 dB, but if you can get a helmet that doesn’t exceed the 80 dB mark, grab it and make it your all-time cycling companion. Such will help you forget about the irritating sounds of wind whooshing past your head as you ride through the … Read more

Open Cell Vs Closed Cell Foam Soundproofing

Open Cell Vs Closed Cell Foam Soundproofing

Are you in the middle of deciding what type of cell foam soundproofing you should use for your soundproof jobs? Well, this might be quite trickier than it seems. Open cell and closed cell foam are useful for insulating a home, but they function in different ways. The main difference between these cell foams lies … Read more

Best Quietest Hard Drives 2021

Best Quietest Hard Drives

There’s nothing as irritating as working with a noisy laptop or desktop, especially if you’re the kind who needs countless working hours to get the job done.  While the device’s fan may generate at least 10% of this noise, the hard drive is usually the main culprit.  To get a silent drive operation with reliable … Read more

Best Quietest Tires for the Smoothest Ride in 2021 [Reviews]

Best Quiet Tires that Reduce Road Noise

Every driver would love to drive while listening to music, whistling, or humming their favorite song. While all these activities are possible, having noisy tires may hinder the comfort of quieter rides.  Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy a quiet and smooth car ride. Among the efficient tricks of soundproofing your car is going for quiet … Read more

How To Soundproof Old Windows: 6 Simple DIY Methods

How Soundproofing Old Windows

All you need to Know about Soundproofing Old Windows Less noise means peace!  Whether it’s noise from chirping birds, highway traffic, or loud neighbors, some of these sounds are likely to impede your peace. In the worst-case scenario, the noise may intrude your sanctuary rooms or workplaces. It is true that you cannot control the … Read more

How to Soundproof a Hollow Door: 8 Easy Steps to Make it Happen

How to Soundproof a Hollow Door

A majority of the modern houses come with hollow doors for their interiors. Understandably, hollow doors are inexpensive than the solid doors and their lightness makes them easier to install. Furthermore, they’re less susceptible to expansion or contraction. Unfortunately, they’ve their share of cons; besides getting damaged easily, they provide little in the way of … Read more

How to Reduce Noise From Upstairs Floors

how to reduce noise from upstairs floors

In this comprehensive article, I am going to share with you how to reduce noise from upstairs floors in a few simple steps. They say that a bad neighbor will give you a needle with no thread. Well, if you are familiar with having a noisy neighbor you will say that any neighbor is better … Read more